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Why introduce a water cooler?


Keeping workers hydrated means more efficiency and productivity for your business.


Did you know, the Deparment of health recommends that we should drink a minimum of 1.2 litres of fluid every day to acheive maximum efficiency?


Many leading businesses actively encourage their employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle as they know the positive impact this can have on their business.  A worker who is hydrated is much more efficient, energetic, bright, productive and less likely to be absent or off work sick.  Its not only your employees who will feel the benefit - customers and visitors to your organisation will appreciate it too.


Bottled or Mains Fed Water?


There are two main options when thinking of installing a water cooler in your office:-


1) Our bottled water coolers provide a constant supply of cold and refreshing British mineral water.  The cooler can be located pretty much anywhere there is a power supply which will give you complete control over the quality and continuity of the water.  Bottled water coolers are easily installed and we will deliver you supply of bottles which will be agreed with you up front.


2) Mains fed water coolers can save you money by transforming your mains supply into filtered, freshly chilled drinking water. This is an excellent solution for organisations with high usage.  With our fixed price arrangements, one cost will cover everything from installation to filters and a regular service keeping your coolers working to their maximum efficiency.  A mains water fed cooler is convenient, with no water deliveries, no bottle deposits and no lifting or storgage to consider.  It is also the more enviromentally friendly option keeping your carbon footprint low by using less energy and reducing food miles.


No matter what type of cooler you choose, the water is always filtered to get rid of the harsh chemicals and impurities such as chlorine which is often found in tap water.


Some like it hot!


Instant water heaters are a great option if you want instant boiling water on tap.  Our automatic water boilers pass cold water from your mains supply through the BRITA filtration system which is then passed through super-efficient elements which boil the water in super quick time to 100 degrees centigrade.

An instant water heater only boils the exact amount of water you require, there is minimal wastage therefore reducing cost.  Water heaters are more efficient than conventional appliances such as kettles, so not only will you save money but you will also reduce your impact on the environment.


We have partnered with one of the major water cooler companies in the UK who are fully audited and accredited by the British Water Cooler Association.


If you would like to discuss your options regarding this service, please contact one of our friendly team .


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